Our wedding guests created this business

A passionate Sicilian woman marrying a proud Scot in his homeland. Tradition suggests something borrowed, something new and something blue is called for – but I wanted something Sicilian. And what is more authentically Sicilian than wine? Our guests fell in love with the unique wines we brought over from Italy for our special day. The wine we had leftover was gifted to our friends. Then, they started asking for more.

I still feel a sense of pride that people were interested in the wine from my homeland. But it wasn’t just the wine. They showed just as much interest in the Island, its people and, especially the wine producers.

The reality is that you wont see many Sicilian wines in wine shops. As wine goes, it is relatively unknown here in Scotland. I want to change that.

I want people to experience Sicilian wine for themselves so that they can taste the difference. I want them savour the unique flavours that the land, grapes and climate of Sicily produce. That way, more people will share the experience that our friends had.

That is what drives me and that is why La Sicilyana exists.

The Wine and the tasting experience

I import my wine direct from the passionate owners of Sicily’s award winning wineries. Being an independent wine company means I can be very selective about the wine I sell. In other words, if I sell it, it is a wine that I personally love. It is your guarantee of quality. Each wine has its own distinctive flavour. And, yes, each wine has its own story. It is those stories that I am so proud to share during our tasting experience.

During my Wine Tasting Experience I will take you on a journey. A journey to the vineyards of rural Sicily where much of the wine is produced. I will share the story of the grape, the producers and the island I still call home.

I am proud to be an ambassador for my beautiful island. I raise my glass to it, and to you. Salute!





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