Separated from the rest of Italy by the Strait of Messina, Sicily is the largest Italian Island. It is not difficult to see why it’s referred to as one of the pearls of Southern Italy. It is a special place to me and my family. Catania, on the east coast, is my home town. It sits at the foot of Etna volcano and, whether active or inactive, it is an incredible sight, one that draws tourists from all over the globe.

There is more to Sicily than our volcano. We are at the heart of the Mediterranean which means the influences of many civilasations have shaped our culture. As a result, Sicily has a unique identity with a rich history and yes, that includes food, and of course wine.


Modern Sicily

Sicily has always been an island of lovers, poets, writers and dreamers. Now though it is known as much for being a popular holiday destination for families and fashionistas alike. It is become a “cool” place, somewhere to be seen. The rich and famous from all over the world come to enjoy the small islands around Sicily and its coastline with their luxurious yachts.

Modern Sicily retains its character, its personality and its charm. Much has changed but the delicious food, stunning beaches and outstanding natural beauty remains untouched. 

My Sicily

I am proud of my island. Whether you are looking for a relaxing place in the sun, somewhere for a bit of luxury retail therapy, or want to explore the Greek temples, Roman theatres – and or one of the seven Unesco World Heritage sites - Sicily has something for everyone.

Whatever brings you to Sicily, you will enjoy one common experience, our food and wine. Take the opportunity to taste the difference. From fine wines to classic Sicilian dishes like arancini, cannoli, caponata and cassata. You won’t be disappointed.

And, if you get the chance, visit the vineyards that dominate the rural landscape. You will get a warm Sicilian welcome and who knows, you might get to taste a brand new wines.




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